Conference Programme

HKAECT 2018 International Conference
25-27 July 2018 @ Hong Kong Baptist University

Updated on 20 July 2018

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  • 08:30
    Venue: WLB104 Foyer
  • 09:00

    Introduced by Timothy Hew

    Dr. Eva Y. W. Wong
    Keynote Speaker; Director of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University
    Venue: WLB104
  • 10:00

    Facilitator: Timothy Hew

    Panel members: Professor Rob Branch, Professor Li Chen, Dr. Eva Y W Wong, and Dr. Allan Hoi Kau Yuen
    Venue: WLB104
  • 11:00
    Venue: WLB104 Foyer
  • 11:30

    Social Context and Learning Environment

    Venue: WLB211
    Investigating University Students’ On-task and Off-task Multitasking
    Liping Deng, Kelly Ku; Deborah Cockerham and Lin Lin
    Why a New Media Multitasking Scale is Needed? The problems in current measurements of media multitasking
    Jiutong Luo
    Mobile App Supported EFL Classroom
    Jingnan Li and Ting Xie

    Risk and Ethics in Using New Media

    Venue: WLB206
    Improving Reading Performance Through Gamification and Analytics
    Micah Modell
    A Study of College Student’s Reception to a Blended Learning MOOC Platform
    Kai-Jye Chia and Gwo-Guang Lee
    Facilitating Student’s Interactions and Language Learning in a Gamed-based Mobile Learning Environment
    Jhyyi Chen and Kai-Jye Chia
  • 12:30
  • 14:00

    Communication and New Media in Everyday Life

    Venue: WLB211
    Popular Media's Influence on Children's Understanding of Science and Scientists
    Junqing Zhai
    A Longitudinal Study on Smartphone Use in Hong Kong
    Tony Chin Leung Chow and Will W. K. Ma
    Research on the Relationships among Information Literacy, Information Needs and Use for College Internet Users in Cloud Computing Age
    Hsin-Tzu Chen
    The Moderating Effect of Geographic Area on the Relationship between Age, Gender, and ICT Literacy and Problematic Internet Use
    Liang Yu, Nan Zhao and Qiuyan Yang

    Social Context and Learning Environment

    Venue: WLB206
    Effects of M-learning on Students' Learning Outcome: A meta-analysis
    Yangcun Feng, Yuan Liao and Youqun Ren
    Online Knowledge Sharing Motivators of Top Contributors in 30 Q&A sites
    Yongsi Chen and Khe Foon Hew
    Lurking Behaviors for Learning: What do we know?
    Enilda Romero-Hall, Megan Osgood and Siddhi Londhe
    Understanding the Intention to Use Reference Management Tools (RMTs) among Postgraduate Students in China
    Yiqin Xu and Timothy Teo
  • 15:30
    Venue: WLB104 Foyer
  • 16:00

    Design and Application

    Venue: WLB211
    Implementation of Tool-Based Mathematics Lesson: A duo of material and digital tools
    Huey Lei, Yip Cheung Chan and Allen Leung
    Uses of Internet and Problems Encountered in Teaching Among Public School Teachers
    Rona Dhel Alingasa
    Making the Most Out of Online and Digital Technologies for Learning Effectiveness - MOODLE?!
    Nicole Tavares

    Session Chair: Allan Hoi Kau Yuen

    Venue: WLB206
    Data Analytics for New Media: How social media change the way we deliver content?
    Rudy Chan
    Smart Phones and Wearable Technologies in Educational Research
    Jin Mao and Allan Yuen
  • 17:30
  • 18:00
    Venue: Renfrew Restaurant, 2F, David C. Lam Building (DLB)

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  • 20:30
  • 08:30
    Venue: WLB104 Foyer
  • 09:00

    Introduced by Liping Deng

    Professor Li Chen
    Keynote Speaker; Beijing Normal University
    Venue: WLB104
  • 10:00
    Venue: WLB104 Foyer
  • 10:30

    Communication and New Media in Everday Life

    Venue: WLB206
    A Paradox of High Access but Low Use of ICT in Chinese Schools
    Xu Xianlong
    Experiences in Integrating Indigenous Peoples Education: The case of an elementary school in rural Philippines
    Rona Dhel Alingasa and Rene Alingasa
    The Design for Evaluation System of In-service Teachers’ ICT Application Competence based on Micro-credentials
    Fei Wei, Shupei Li and Hongyan Fan

    Game-Based Learning and Ubiquitous Learning

    Venue: WLB211
    Are Computer Games Helpful in Habit Formation: An investigation of games as persuasive technology
    Xiaoqing Gu, Tianyi Zhang and Xinyue Diao
    Blended Learning: The practice of curriculum design and development in the college
    Ling Zhang
    A Study on the Impact of Involvement in Violent Online Game and Self-Control on Hong Kong Young Adults’ Psychological Well-being
    Charlotte Ting Yan Yeung and Raymond Chi Fai Chui
  • 11:30
    Venue: WLB211
  • 12:30
Hong Kong, China
July 25 - 27
3 days
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