International Advisory Board

Hsin-Tzu (Tommy) CHEN TAECT / Chinese Culture University Taiwan
Li CHEN SICET / Beijing Normal University China
Daniel CHURCHILL The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
Ana-Paula CORREIA College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University USA
Siu Cheung KONG The Education Univeristy of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
Feng-Qi LAI Indiana State University USA
Alice Y.L. LEE Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong, China
Sandy LI Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong, China
Juhong LIU SICET / James Madison University USA
Mei-feng LIU Beijing Normal University China
Timothy TEO University of Macau Macau, China
Cheng-Chih WU National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
Allan H.K. YUEN The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China

International Programme Committee

Chi-Keung CHAN Hong Kong Shue Yan University Hong Kong, China
Hsin-Tzu (Tommy) CHEN Chinese Culture University Taiwan
Kevin Kai-wing HO University of Guam USA
Vincent H.K. HUNG The Education University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
Wilfred W.F. LAU The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
Mei-feng LIU Beijing Normal University China
Scott MCLEOD University of Colorado-Denver USA
Steven Kwan-Keung NG University of Sunderland in Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
Howard Zhaoxun SONG Hang Seng Management College Hong Kong, China
Dominic SWAYNE James Madison University USA
Kam-Hou VAT University of Macau Macau, China
Chun-Min (Arthur) WANG National Hsinchu University of Education Taiwan

Organization Committee

Lisa Liping DENG Hong Kong Baptist University
Wendy W.L. CHAN United International College
Miaoting CHENG The University of Hong Kong
Rose C.W. FONG Community College of City University of Hong Kong
Heidi FUNG Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Timothy K.F. HEW The University of Hong Kong
Will W.K. MA Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)
Miki M.K. LAU Hong Kong Baptist University
Kar-wai TONG City University of Hong Kong


History of HKAECT

The Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT; was established in 1989 to promote for the public benefit of the advancement of educational communications and technology; to advance the professional quality and standards of educational technology and related areas in Hong Kong; and to broaden the goals and influences of the Association to other local and international educational associations and media industries. The very first executive committee members included the founding president Dr. Leo P.K. Yam (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Dr. Jack Chan (Hong Kong Baptist College), Mrs. Camie Young (Hong Kong Baptist College), and Mr. Joseph Leung (Hong Kong Polytechnic). A couple of graduates from the master’s program of educational communications and technology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong also joined as the founding members.

The HKAECT organized the first conference in 1990 with the theme “The Role of Educational Communications and Educational Technology in Year 2000” and invited speakers from the US, China and Taiwan to address and discuss the outlook on educational communications and technology. The 1990 conference theme signified the HKAECT started to go in quest of its identity in the field of educational communications and technology. About 300 researchers, educators and practitioners from local and international tertiary institutions attended the conference. The silver jubilee conference was held at the University of Hong Kong in December 2014 with the theme “New Media, Knowledge Practices and Multiliteracies”. The HKAECT continues its aspirations to be an academic and professional association for collaboration and innovation, providing a platform for individuals and institutions and experts, to come together and build new knowledge in educational communications and technology, to contribute to the improvement of educational practices, and to excel in research and knowledge exchange.

HKAECT - AECT 2017 Summer international research symposium is a success!

The symposium was held from 15 to 17 June 2017 at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China. It was entitled "New Ecology for Education: Communication X Learning".

About the Symposium: In the wake of the advances in information and communication technology, the Internet and new media enable the emergence of new mechanisms of human networking as well as communication, which are shaped by—yet also share—the development of educational practices. Having witnessed the explosion of information on the web, the HKAECT and the AECT feel the pressing need for colleagues in the fields of education and communication to examine their current and future roles, as they are no longer the ones they used to be and may have to re-define their developments in the process of communication and learning. This Symposium aims at unpacking the complex interactions between communication and learning, as represented by the symbol “X” in the event title. It provides a platform for knowledge exchanges on education, communication, and technology among educators, researchers, and practitioners who share a common goal to explore better approaches to teaching and learning, along with effective and meaningful media communication through technology advancement.

  • 3-day programme

  • 4 keynotes and invited talks

  • An international panel discussion

  • 58 parallel presentations

  • 10 workshops

HKAECT - AECT 2017 Website
Hong Kong, China
July 25 - 27
3 days
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