Reviewing the history of the Association, the founding president, Dr Leo Yam, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and other educational technologists from the Colleges of Education of Education Department of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic got together and tried to found an association for educational communications professionals. 

..... After discussing and planning for a couple of years, we have had some ideas of how to form a professional association. Until 1988, we had two members, Dr Jack Chan an Mrs. Camie Young, from the Baptist College (now HKBU) and a couple of graduate students from the Master's Programme of Educational Communications and Technology at the Chinese University joined the team. Finally, Dr Yam, Mrs Camie Young and Mr. Joseph Leung, from the Hong Kong Polytechnic, filed an application for registration to the government in June of the same year. It was approved in 1989 and its official name is The Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT).

Mission & Goals


  • Disseminating information with regard to current research in Hong Kong, overseas and other regions, members' accomplishments and research projects through computer networking and printed media.
  • Co-ordinating and collaborating research projects with other related associations locally and internationally.
  • Building a close-tie with the Association for Educational Communications and Technology in Washington, D.C., USA.
  • Organizing and conducting educational technology training courses and workshops for local members as well as professionals in the mainland, and other regions.
  • Strengthening local links with all levels of educational sectors in introducing the functions of educational technology.
  • Co-ordinating and planning in the production of instructional media for exchange among members and for publications.
  • Setting up scholarships for graduate students who are interested in studying educational communications and technology, and awards for outstanding educational technologists.
  • Organizing creative educational media projects, exhibitions and giving awards to outstanding works.
  • Organizing study trips or research presentation teams to attend the AECT annual international conference.


  • To promote for the public benefit the advancement of educational communications and technology.
  • To advance the professional quality and standards of educational technology and related issues in Hong
  • To share the professional experiences by means of meetings and conferences on subjects of general interest in educational communications and technology.
  • To hold workshops for those who desire to pursue further development in the related area.
  • To broaden the goals and influences of the Association to other local and international educational associations and media industries.
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  • Membership

    HKAECT membership starts every year on January 1 till December 31 of that year. HKAECT holds its annual meeting every year, International Conference in alternate years, an online journal publication "Journal of Communication and Education," irregular seminars and workshops.

    HKAECT keeps a membership list and informs its members of the activities organized.


    Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT) and
    Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

    There is a Memorandom of Understanding by and between HKAECT and AECT with the below mutual benefits:

    AECT will provide International Electronic Memberships to Members of HKAECT:

    a. The cost to HKAECT members for AECT electronic membership will be US$75.00 per HKAECT member who enjoys full voting rights in AECT elections;

    b. HKAECT-AECT members will have access to AECT online resources including:

    >>Journals - TechTrends, Educational Technology Research and Development, The Journal of Applied Instructional Design, International Journal of Designs for Learning, The International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
    >>Books - Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology, Educational Media and Technology Yearbook, Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary;
    >>Divisions - no-cost access to AECT divisions;
    >>HKAECT-AECT members will receive the international rate for registration at the AECT annual international conference (this is currently US$195 compared with the standard US$450 registration fee)