Chan, C.K., Chan, K.M., Chan, W.L., Chui, H.L., Fong, C.W., Fung, H., Hung, H.K., & Tong, K.W. (Eds.)(2014). Communication and Education: New Media, Knowledge Practices, and Multiliteracies. Hong Kong: HKAECT.

HKAECT 2014 International Conference

The Design Study of High-Quality Resource Shared Classes in China: A Case Study of the Abnormal Psychology Course

Juan Wang
College of Educational Science,
JiangSu Normal University, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, China

Jingyan Lu
Division of Information and Technology Studies,
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,China


The construction of High-Quality resource shared classes in China is an important part to develop open education around the world. It helps spread of High-Quality resources and foster education equality. As resources construction have become increasingly popular, how to construct High-Quality resource shared classes, how to design the curriculum resources, have become urgent problems for both researchers and educators. In this paper, we took the example of a Chinese national High-Quality course “abnormal psychology”, as a study case, and conducted a survey of High-Quality resource shared classes from the aspects of application status, existing problems and improvements. Based on the results, we proposed a system framework on curriculum structure design, concept design and teaching design, aiming to improve the quality of High-Quality resource shared class, and provide a guideline for the construction of future open courses.

KeywordsHigh-quality resource shared class, Design, Case study

WANG, Juan

Juan Wang is Associate professor in the College of Educational Science of the JiangSu Normal University, and with seven years of experience in the field of open education resource, distance education, and network communication. She has made some research on High-Quality course, High-Quality Resource shared class and High-Quality video course in China, from the aspects of course construction, application status and future development. She has led more than six funded research projects on open course and micro course, and has had over 30 publications including book chapters, journal articles and conference papers.

LU, Jingyan

Dr. Lu is Assistant Professor of the Division of Information and Technology Studies of the University of Hong Kong. Her expertise areas are Educational Technologies, Learning Sciences, Educational Psychology, ICT Education, and Education in Hong Kong and China. She has published her research findings in various journals including Instructional Science, Computers and Education, International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Interactive Learning Environments, and Metacognition and Learning, etc. She is also a key member of the University Strategic Research Theme in the Sciences of Learning.