Chan, C.K., Chan, K.M., Chan, W.L., Chui, H.L., Fong, C.W., Fung, H., Hung, H.K., & Tong, K.W. (Eds.)(2014). Communication and Education: New Media, Knowledge Practices, and Multiliteracies. Hong Kong: HKAECT.

HKAECT 2014 International Conference

Teachers’ Experience and Attitudes for Educational Application: A Case Study of a Local Secondary School in Hong Kong

Min Lan & Jingyan Lu
Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


Since its first ICT education policy statement had been implemented in Hong Kong in 1998, the focus has shifted from equipping classroom with ICT to the use of technology at the right time for the right task. Currently teachers and students have ample opportunities to access and use free and commercial tools for education purpose. However, there is not much research on how teachers use them and what factors influence their adoptions. This study interviewed 9 teachers in different subjects in a local secondary school to examine what their experience and perceptions were for educational apps. It is found that teachers have a positive attitude to these apps and they are eager to learn more about them. Owing to the lack of time, good quality resources and training, we suggest successful case-sharing, well-organized workshops, and effective time use to increase teachers’ confidence and develop teachers’ capabilities.

Keywords: Educational application, Teachers’ expectations and needs, Teachers’ attitude and preference, Case study


LAN, Min

Mr. Lan holds a degree of Master of Science in Information Technology in Education conferred by the University of Hong Kong. He is a research assistant in the Division of Information and Technology Studies of the University of Hong Kong. He is interested in the technological applications in education, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and social media in education.

LU, Jingyan

Dr. Lu is Assistant Professor of the Division of Information and Technology Studies of the University of Hong Kong. Her expertise areas are Educational Technologies, Learning Sciences, Educational Psychology, ICT Education, and Education in Hong Kong and China. She has published her research findings in various journals including Instructional Science, Computers and Education, International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Interactive Learning Environments, and Metacognition and Learning, etc. She is also a key member of the University Strategic Research Theme in the Sciences of Learning.